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Once downloaded, you can copy it to your microSD card or internal card, whichever you prefer. In my case, I simply copied it to the microSD card in a folder I created on the microSD card called “/apps” . If you’re not sure how to copy the file to the RG-350 please see this video. For helpful tips on creating the /apps folder on the microSD card, see this video.

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Once downloaded, copy the 5200.rom file to your /media/home folder. Keep in mind, if you copy the file to the /media/home/.a5200 folder it WILL NOT WORK. You can also use DinguxCmdr on the RG350 to copy the 5200.rom from the microSD card to the /meda/home sub folder. Additional Note – If your file extensions are .a26, they will not show up in the file browser within the Stella emulator. You can rename them to .bin or zip them individually and they will then be visible.

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This will allow us to battle each other in a game of Bomberman’93, smash each other up in StreetFighter II or make our ways through coop games like Bonk III or Cadash and many many more games. To make use of multiplayer gaming, your RG350 needs to have a compatible WiFi dongle and USB-C to USB adapter.

For more games and additional trouble shooting, please see the excellent information by David Knight which may be found here. This section assumes that you have previous game saves that you want to backup before re-flashing the RG350 or that you want to make a backup copy of them. It also assumes you have a microSD card installed in the bottom microSD slot of the unit. Always keep the original firmware microSD safe , if you try a new firmware update do so on a new microSD card. This way, in case of problems, you can always revert back to your original.

  • Trading action gameplay to get real-time strategy mechanics paid off in a big way on GBA.
  • All those games are best experienced through their recent 3DS remakes.
  • For you personally because it is a one-player game with a lot of action and a wide range of classic character types.

In this video, MashTec and I play Quake II over WiFi on the internet with our RG-350’s. We had such a great time playing together, hope you enjoy the video below 🙂 Special thanks to download roms for dolphin roms MashTec for all his work on figuring this stuff out. Be sure to visit his channel and all the great content he provides here. In this video, #Mashtec will show you how to install and setup Temper for multiplayer gaming over WiFi .

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Navigate to the emulators tab, scroll down and you’ll now see UAE4ALL. Menu – Press SELECT+START to go to the menu where you can load a different game, exit the emulator or change other settings.