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Tonight’s ONT Demands Justice! –WeirdDave Well, here we are. In one week it’ll soon be Christmas Eve. Are you prepared for the vacation? Yeah, I know, that’s the Last week, not Christmas. I didn’t make the meme. Keep on reading Posted by WeirdDave at PM Remarks Quarantine Cafe & GAINZZZ Thread –Ace I have gained a lot of covid weightreduction. My gym shut and my martial arts set went bankrupt and shut down indefinitely. Recently I have been walking a great deal of hills and doing some jogging. What are you doing for GAINZZZ? To inspire youSome puppy GAINZZZ. Posted by Ace in PM Comments. Apple TV Originals Presents the Feel-Good Transgender Film of this Christmas Season 31 That is amusing: Trailer for an Apple first film. Justin Timberlake is a hardened ex-con made to increase his neighbors transexual boy if his mother abandons him. Obviously this takes place in the south west and all the evil hicks are throwing shade at him in each scene! LOL!!! Posted by: Max Power Posted by Ace at PM Former DNC Spokesman Brad Woodhouse States the House Must Give the Congressional Medal of Honor to Eric Swalwell for Adulterously Fucking an Chinese Whore/Spy He’s serious. He also says the only folks who should be researched are the »Republicans in the Judiciary Committee, » supposedly for leaking the info. Say: If we explore Adam Schiff and each fucking Democrat for h1 photoshop 2020 release – what to expect? cnbnews leaking classified information or nah? Posted by Ace at PM Report: Staffer Overheard Chief Justice Roberts Screaming That the Bush V. Gore Precedent Must Be Ignored In Texas Case, because Today »We’ve Riots » I can’t rate this as factually false or true, but I can speed itExtremely plausible Posted by Ace at PM Quick Hits 2 In the UK, apparently it is now controversial and phobic to get a woman to insist upon a feminine rape medical examiner following a rape. The trans lobby states it’s transphobic for a female to just allow a genuine woman to get her after a rape. « Fuck raped women, » these mentally ill sexual fascists say. « They get to get pawed by guys in celebration city wigs directly after their rapes. It is important to’confirm’ transgenders’ creepy insistence on sex cosplay in the outrageously inappropriate venues. » Posted by Ace in PM Inexplicably Famous Nepot No One Meghan McCain Teams Up With Communist Agitator Van Jones to Lecture Americans Why wouldn’t be the spawn of adulterers, homewreckers, friend-betrayers, graft-takers, promise-breakers along with pill-poppers pace you a livelihood? It will in Hollywood, of course. However, in politics? Oh well, politics is Hollywood for ugly individuals. Political commentator Van Jones and The View co-host Meghan McCain have joined timely documentary The Reunited States regarding bridging the political and racial divides from the U. S. Jones and McCain are joining as executive producers. .