How Can I Install Old Version Presets for Lightroom Without Viruses On My New Phone.

It supplies a flat tone curve that starts to pick up at the highlight end, boosting colours. It also lifts the saturation of individual colours, particularly blues and aquas, which is perfect for landscapes. Click “Import” and your preset will be copied to the relevant folder, allowing you to delete the downloaded file. Create a beautiful and cohesive aesthetic in your Instagram feed or your portfolio with these 15 Instagram blogger Lightroom presets.

This bundle includes 130 professional filters to enhance your real estate photos. Make your photos look professional in a couple of clicks with interior photography Lightroom presets. They will help you to improve colors, shades, highlights, emphasize textures and APK 4Android surfaces, correct the lighting conditions of your interior photos.

Chocolate Effect Lightroom Presets

The Analog film collection is a set of 60 different Lightroom presets ideal for those who want to go back to the golden era of analog photography. They are ideal for all styles of photography and provide a rich vintage look to your photos. Ever wondered how those celebrity wedding photographs look so beautiful and colorful? Now you can also add the touch of liveliness to your photos with the Pretty Lightroom presets. Quite true to its name, this set of professional Lightroom presets equips your photos with a calming blue tone that enhances the beauty of your photos; specifically landscapes. The Cool Blue Lightroom presets offers 45 different presets choices for you to add a calming layer of different shades of blue to your pics.

It desaturates photos a little and makes them look a little faded to achieve a very relaxing mood. Soft Rose is great for adding a little more light and softness to such photos. And since it’s free, there’s no excuse not to try it. is another free preset that is well-suited to photos taken at the beach.

S Retro Moody Aesthetic Lightroom Presets For Desktop & Mobile

We love how it amplifies blue and green hues, making it ideal for photos of beaches or coasts. This is another preset to keep in your arsenal if you are looking to produce more vibrant landscape shots. This Landscape preset is the one we designed specifically for, as the name suggests, landscapes.

  • The preset only does subtle improvements to preserve the original look of the photo.
  • So, in response, Elson has created his own set of Lightroom presets that will help give your photos the same look and feel as his.
  • This free Lightroom preset is the best way to cool down the temperature in your poor lighted photos and give them a calming blue tone.
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  • Double Click on Lightroom and then Double Click on Develop Presets Copy your presets into the Develop Presets folder.