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In order to give a fair shake at why we are in a trade war with China, we need to talk about Mercantilism. Mercantilism is a trade practice whereby a government takes actions designed to benefit their own economy over others. It’s effectively a charge that a nation is not participating fairly in the global economy but rather trying to position themselves to best take advantage of growth over other nations.

  • Often block-printed, early Chinese cards may have been used in addition to other game pieces such as dice.
  • Card games are thought to have originated in China around the year 1000 CE.
  • When a player has achieved the desired objective , they shout “¡Buena!
  • While the 54-card deck has a set of traditional names and images, you can find themed sets such as a pandemic-themed set (by Rafael Gonzales Jr.) with Zoom and toilet paper cards.

At the start of each round, the turn order is determined by the location of the Vikings from the previous round. The topmost Viking (closest to the “First Player” space) will take the first turn and play proceeds down the Village in order. Then it’s time to begin with the first Viking action. Supply tokens are stacked near the board next to the associated spaces and the market value tokens are each placed on their starting “1” value space. The ship Stern pieces are set to the side of the ship as they’re only added to the end of a ship when it’s ready to Set Sail. Vikings on Board was showcased at Gen Con 2016 by one of our favorite family game publishers, Blue Orange Games. In fact, they had a super-sized version of Vikings on Board as the centerpiece of their display.

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Fast, small ships used to scout the battlefield and destroy smaller vessels. Together with you we go through the game and make sure that everything comes out exactly as you want it. We check sizes, we check and correct your artwork and colours. In short, we make sure that we manufacture what you had in mind when you designed it. Why put a picture of an item on a card when you can have a plastic version of it instead? Miniatures are, arguably, one of the coolest things to add to your game. At LongPack Games we can help you with every component your game requires.

So, our risk-factor as a publisher has increased by a full 25%. This means we need to increase the price of the game by about 5 dollars if we assume no other variables. Economic and trade pressures have slowly been forcing China to improve their trade practices since the 90s.

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If you do buy anything from Rare Board Games including most of our Fulfillment by Amazon products, you can count on them being packed well. Most of the items we send into Amazon for fulfillment are boxed for protection. This is the kind of nuts and bolts information people need when they consider getting into into the gaming industry.

Their intellectual property rights are non-existent. They close out their markets to foreign companies and investors so that foreign companies have a hard time gaining a fair foothold in the Chinese market vs. domestic companies.

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I think that we will see some uptick in US based manufacturing in industries where the US has an established foothold and still manufactures a lot of goods. Paper manufacturing in the US is currently geared towards paperboard consumer goods and tissue paper. With a few Scary Games notable exceptions, we’re not really making the sorts of paper goods that result in consumer packaging the way we did 50 years ago. Most talk I’ve heard about new factories is in South East Asia, not the US. And those make long-term financial sense because Chinese wages are growing. The tariffs may be pushing a move to Vietnam quicker than otherwise would have happened, but things are heading towards Vietnam in either case.