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If you’re not comfortable with opening your laptop, then consider taking it to a specialist who can take a look. If you want to try checking yourself for the problem, you can use a tool to lift the keyboard and check the connection underneath . Once you can see the tap connecting the keyboard to the motherboard, make sure it’s not loose and firmly in the slot. Remember to reinstall a device you just need to plug it in. Sometimes the drivers from other keyboards you’ve previously attached can interfere with and automatically disable the laptop keyboard. Give your keyboard setup a fresh start by uninstalling all laptop drivers that aren’t your main keyboard.

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If the keyboard does not work on either computer, the chances are that the keyboard is defective or broken. The keyboard may have a conflict with the connection port it is using. If it is a older PS/2 port, try switching the device to the alternate PS/2 port. USB keyboards may have a conflict with another device connected to the computer. To try to break the conflict, remove all other USB devices from the computer and connect the keyboard to another USB port before performing a reboot. Some keyboards work just by plugging them into the computer.

If your keyboard is working, but there’s lag or a delay between you pressing the keys and your inputs appearing on the screen, then the good news is that this is almost certainly not a hardware PaintTool SAI problem. Your laptop keyboard is a vital ingredient in what makes a laptop a laptop. It’s part of the overall portability package that you pay a premium for, and when it stops working, suddenly that shiny laptop of yours looks a bit redundant. Why does this happen, and how do you stop your laptop keyboard from messing up? If you use a laptop, and none of these troubleshooting tips have proved effective, you may want to plug in a temporary USB-operated keyboard. This can help you finish any pending projects before addressing the actual issues with the laptop. Simply buy or borrow a USB keyboard and plug it into the laptop’s USB port.

If your laptop keyboard is not working in Windows 10, following the right troubleshooting steps should fix the problem. Did this resolve the @ key not working in Windows 10 laptop keyboard problem? Problems with @ key on your laptop keyboard can cause various issues, but today, we’re going to show you how to easily fix this problem on your Windows 10 laptop. In the worst of cases when your laptop keyboard cannot be fixed, you may have to resort to the onscreen keyboard. Here are some ways to make good use of the onscreen keyboard. When your laptop is back up and running, you can further boost your productivity with these keyboard shortcuts for Windows 10.

This is a major problem, especially your keyboard stopped working on your laptop since you can’t simply replace the keyboard like you could in a desktop. If your laptop encounters such an issue, this is really annoying. Now, you should take it easy since we will show you some solutions on the MiniTool website that are useful if your keyboard stopped working. To reduce the potential points of failure, connect your keyboard directly to your computer’s USB port rather through a hub. Most computers feature multiple USB ports, so you can try connecting the new keyboard to a different port. If other devices will not work with a particular USB port and work on others, it signifies a problem with the port. Try testing the keyboard with another computer if you can.

  • Once the mistake has been error identified, debugging helps the developer determine the cause of the error so it can be fixed.
  • That said, one app has more powerful features than the other, but they both have the tools to debug our views and stop wasting time guessing what the heck is going on in our views.
  • The testing process does not help the developer figure out what the coding mistake is — it simply reveals what effects the coding error has on the program.
  • Remote debugging — the developer’s debugger runs on a different system than the program that is being debugged.
  • A debugger is a software tool that can help the software development process by identifying coding errors at various stages of the operating system or application development.
  • The main difference between these two applications is that one is open source and the other is not.

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Wireless keyboards typically require special software even if they only have standard keyboard features. Keyboards that require special software to run will include the software on an optical disc with the device. If the computer with which you’re trying to use the keyboard doesn’t have an optical drive, the drivers can usually be downloaded from the manufacturer’s website. Rebooting is usually not necessary to fix a device problem, but often it can clear out all sorts of potential problems and conflicts. If the keyboard does not respond when you plug it in, try restarting Windows with the device plugged in. A laptop without a working keyboard might seem like a massive block to productivity, but it is possible to repair.

If the device supports plug-and-play, Windows may recognize it and automatically install the necessary drivers — software that allows a computer to interface with hardware — to make it run. However, other keyboards have advanced features that require special software for the computer to use.

However, you can dislodge dust and debris from a laptop keyboard by first shutting the device down, then turning it upside down and gently tapping on the base. You should then run your fingers across all the keys while the device is upside down, to remove any remaining dirt. Cleaning a standard keyboard is not easy; cleaning a laptop keyboard is even tougher. Keyboards require a certain amount of physical interaction to loosen dirt, and while this is generally simple to achieve with a USB or wireless keyboard, things are different on a laptop. If your laptop keyboard has stopped working, here’s what you need to know, and how to fix it. For laptop computers, this is a big problem as you can’t simply swap the keyboard like you can with a desktop PC.

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This might involve some simple hardware and software maintenance, or it might require some hands-on repairs with your laptop’s insides. Toshiba laptop keyboards are a lot tougher to detach from the chassis. The underside of the laptop needs removing, which means taking care with all the screws and checking the cable. Most Dell laptop keyboards are relatively straightforward to remove and don’t require a screwdriver.

While not a long-term solution, it can help you finish outstanding projects. You can then determine the keyboard issue at a later time. The driverfor the keyboard may also be responsible for malfunctioning keyboards. This is often the case when using third-party software, or if a user does not follow proper procedure when turning a computer off. (Always use the “Shut Down” command.) If the driver is damaged, you may be able to download a replacement driver and resolve this issue. If downloading a new driver is not possible, it may be time to seek out a professional repair service. If a setup menu does not open then there is a problem with the keyboard and laptop will need to be serviced.