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In this month’s edition of my assistive tech roundup, I will be focusing on what apps Nuance makes and what they offer. Google set up the Assistant Investments program to fund startups, with the aim of advancing speech and voice recognition technology. integrated voice and speech recognition into its headset to enable users to easily navigate virtual reality. The application, available in English on Rift and Gear VR headsets, allows wearers to conduct voice searches from Oculus Home to navigate games, apps, and experiences.

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We’ve also discussed the difference between dictation apps and personal assistant apps. Plus, I’ve shared some common features to look for when choosing dictation software. Many voice to text apps also accept voice formatting commands. If your speak to text app has this capability, take the time to learn which commands your software accepts. This free online dictation app works with a Chrome operating system. It was created specifically to replace typing, so if you spend large parts of your day typing, this could be the speech recognition tool you need. Also be aware that any documents you create need to be copied to your TuxGuitar machine since Speechnotes won’t save them.

Transcribe, an automatic speech recognition service that enables developers to add speech-to-text capability to their applications. Once the voice capability is integrated into the application, end users can analyze audio files and in return receive a text file of the transcribed speech. Accurate clinical documentation is critical to health care quality and safety.

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You can then trigger those hotkeys with speech recognition, changing the speed of a game while playing it. Its other hotkeys relate to its navigation, which can make it easier to find game variables using voice recognition alone, though you are able to find them with Dragon and its MouseGrid. Cheat Engine does not involve speech recognition, but is helpful for making games more accessible. Its Speedhack is very useful for slowing down games such that the reaction speed of voice recognition is enough to play them. AutoHotKey doesn’t involve speech recognition, but its ability to script commands is very useful, as you can assign them a hotkey and activate them with speech recognition (e.g. by saying, “Press Control-Alt-G”).

Dictation services supported by speech recognition technology and professional medical transcriptionists are widely used by US clinicians. However, the quality of SR-assisted documentation has not been thoroughly studied. Voiced Gaming is an RSI sufferer who researches applications of voice recognition to video games. He makes YouTube videos demonstrating gameplay, tutorials about the software he uses, and some tips about living with chronic wrist pain. If you are careful with your spoken commands, you can run multiple voice recognition systems at once. This can give you the speed and specificity of custom voice recognition alongside a typing system, by saying things like “stop listening” when you want to use the custom commands. Usefully, its Speedhack can have preset speeds activated with hotkeys you prescribe.

  • If that includes you, you don’t need to look for any third-party dictation app, as iOS already has one.
  • Provides friction-less experiences to users through voice search, voice dialing, digital dictation, etc.
  • Millions of people around the globe use Apple’s iPhones and iPads for their productivity needs.
  • It supports every software and hardware platforms and audio sources to extract speech.
  • Android is all about choices, so if you use an Android smartphone and/or tablet for all your typing needs, there are a lot of dictation apps that you can choose from.
  • Happyscribe is one of the best dictation software that accepts a range of audio and video formats transcribe spoken words into text.

I’ve used this to demonstrate rapid clicking in Cookie Clicker and turn pages of e-books and digital comics on a timer. Additionally, AutoHotKey’s outputs are recognised by every game I’ve used. You’ve just learned what a dictation app is and how it can save you time.