Use It: Amazing Features Of 2048 Charm On Android You Didn’t Know Yet (Updated).

Enjoy this game for free, plus hundreds more free of ads and in-app purchases, with a Google Play Pass subscription. I did manage to build a chain to get it free, eventually. Later in the game, this would have been fatal. This comes later in the game, when you’ve got the top two rows full of hard-to-crunch numbers. The 2’s and 4’s that were so helpful early on now get in the way of those 16’s you need to match the 32 to get the 64 to a 128 so you can… well, you get the idea. Once you’ve got a nice base along the side, swipe up and collapse some of that into some nice 8’s and 16’s.

For example, if you touch « 8 » and « 8 », you will get a tile « 16 ». If three or more tiles of the same value are placed in a row, they stick together in the direction of movement. In 2048, random winnings are excluded — only those who are able to focus on the task are lucky here. In the game, you need to connect tiles with the same value to create new tiles with larger numbers. The 2048 game was written by an aspiring Italian programmer, Gabriele Cirulli, in less than two days as a programming exercise.

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Of course Lot of players had already win and are able to get to 2048 after a few games or days. In few days you get the idea of the game, afterwards you can try the corner strategy. I remember the month of March when 2048 puzzle game took the Internet by storm.

  • Earlier, we showed you one strategy and a few tips for winning the addictive tile game.
  • The basic game was prototyped in a single night, but the team spent over half a year iterating through variations on the idea with visual themes such as sushi and chess.
  • Journalists, including those at the Los Angeles Times, did not acknowledge the game’s connection to Threes.
  • Alternatively, try to create a gap in the row with the small, trapped tile, then shift left and right until it is positioned over a tile it can combine with.

However, others have pursued a higher elevation, which is a rating beyond 2048. After achieving the title with a 2048 floor tile, players will be asked if you still want to proceed with the video game. Some stop there, but others are identified to maintain. I played this digitz electronic math game on a different app.

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The aim of this puzzle game is to reach 2048 by combining tiles with matching number. It may sound simple and boring but trust me its hell of an addictive game. In order to win the game you have to reach 2048 tile. The best way to win this game is to keep your highest numbered tile in a corner then second highest and so on. If you follow this procedure then you will definitely reach the highest numbered tile. However, it can get tricky to reach that number especially if you are a beginner.