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WeChat says that the main purpose of the “service search” function is to help high-quality services stand out and be found by more users. With this function, brands are able to attract more foot-flow and therefore, increase brand awareness. WeChat has also been making progress regarding the connection between its users and services. With regards to business, the introduction of “service search” has dramatically helped to increase the flow entrance of business services and has meant that users have better access to businesses. At present, WeChat’s “service search” is open to all businesses in every industry. Businesses can log in to the WeChat public platform and click “service search” to access the page of interest.

  • The average Chinese consumer spends most of their online time on this social network.
  • « There are enough cases like this and other evidence to suggest Chinese authorities are able to dip into WeChat data and sneak around, » said Ryan from ASPI.
  • Foreign app providing e2e is now outlawed by executive fiat following this precedent.
  • Digital entrepreneur and co-founder of Sekkei Studio, a digital marketing agency in Shanghai, Paris and Hong Kong.
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  • “What I can tell you is that as a principle, China’s internet is open, and the Chinese government manages internet-related affairs according to law and regulations,” he said.

This is closely followed by users between the ages of 19 and 24 years who constitute 19% of the total number of users. So, if your business caters to these demographics, WeChat marketing might be extremely beneficial for you. Over 50% of WeChat users are aged between 25 and 35 years. Originally launched by Tencent in January 2011 in China as a messaging app called Weixin, WeChat has grown by leaps and bounds.

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Are # notes from # Samsung Notes not syncing to OneNote or other phones and Download MiChat APK for Android tablets? Check out 11 solutions to fix Samsung Notes not syncing issue. Let’s get started with how to clear data followed by aftereffects of clearing data.

Due to its particularity and unique application purpose, it’s unnecessary to use your real SIM-card phone number to register an account on WeChat. However, another SIM-card phone number costs so much while it’s not so frequently used. Therefore, it’s of great necessity to register a WeChat account with your 2nd phone number. Sina Weibo — China’s equivalent to Twitter — may be the closest you can get to a WeChat replacement in China. You can sign up for an account in the US and several other countries, too.

C) Include Public Account Links In The Official Account Area

This time, how­ev­er, with peo­ple in the imme­di­ate vicin­i­ty. If you go into a bar alone and look for con­tacts, you can dis­play on your smart­phone who would like to be con­tact­ed. The app func­tion shows peo­ple near­by who are “on recep­tion”. So you can first add and chat with each oth­er before look­ing at each oth­er direct­ly in the eye.