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This might take some time so you might have to be patient if you are planning on selling it. I did some research and found some copies of the game for sale on Amazon. There are currently two copies for sale at $30, one for $50 and the rest are $100+. On eBay the game doesn’t seem to have a lot of interest as no copies have sold recently. I have to say that I am a little surprised that the game is not worth more than it is. Personally I would list the game as $30-50 if I was selling it.

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I am far from a Scrabble expert so I don’t know if I can give you a lot of help in determining if there is something rare about your copy of the game. PermalinkI’m trying to sell the fraggle trap board game by falcon but cannt find any information on it and it’s never been played with. Currently on the US Amazon site there is a copy of the game for sale for around $100. I would say that Marvel Zingo Heroes has some value but I think it is probably artificially high at this point. Maybe the game is somewhat rare for a modern game but I think it is more of a case where all of the cheaper copies have sold and the only copies left are from people that are trying to maximize its’ value.

Generally speaking normal versions of Scrabble are not worth that much. This is due to the game being popular and having been made for many years. If a person is just looking for a copy of Scrabble they can easily find a cheap version of the game which means casual Scrabble players will not be the target audience if the game were valuable. For the game to be valuable there would have to be something special about it that would appeal to fans and collectors of Scrabble. If the game is one of the first sets made it may maintain some value.

The game was first created in 1948 so if the game is newer than 1950s I don’t think it would have much value based purely on the age. Otherwise the game could have some value if there is something unique about your particular version of the game.

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I am unsure of the interest in Game of Goosey Gander though and I don’t know how much the book will impact the game’s value. As long as the game is not in terrible shape though, I would expect it to be quite valuable.

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I wouldn’t be surprised if you actually could get the $87. Unfortunately with my lack of knowledge about the game I can’t give you a specific value for the game. I know board games from the 1800s that are in good shape can go for hundreds to even thousands of dollars.

Unfortunately I don’t have enough information to give you a specific value for the game. I would assume at a minimum you could get at least $50 but it could end up being worth over a $100. If the game has all of its pieces and the components are in at least decent condition, I would be surprised if the game doesn’t have value. The ultimate value is going to come down to finding someone who is interested in the game.

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With these type of games they don’t generally sell quickly. If you are patient though and are willing to wait for the right price I think you could get at least $50 or even more.